Ever Been Broke?

My family was broke growing up. But we weren't poor. Being broke is a situation. Being poor is a mindset. If you're raised with it, you have to practice long and hard to be good at it. Look at me in my shabby clothes (third from the left). You're looking at a broke, wealthy kid!

Broke Isn't Poor

Look at my house. That's where all 6 of us kids lived with our parents. That's right: 8 of us in this little house! We didn't have a lot and we didn't have room for a lot. We shared everything: meals, beds, clothes, toys, and even school books. We had enough. And where we didn't had enough, we had an internal drive to get us there.

Less Is More

When I left home, I never looked back. That's because I was motivated to work hard to have the things and experiences I didn't have when I was younger. That attitude of less is more is what has driven me to be successful for nine decades.

Little House

General Schneider and his siblings share their experiences growing up during the Dust Bowl.


Jet Pioneer

General Carl Schneider shares highlights of his 32-year career in the Army Air Corps and Air Force.


Too Much Too Soon

I've noticed that young men after 1990 have a different struggle. While they would come to me for career advice (at the nudge of a family member or mentor), they lack the drive to follow through on it. Don't get me wrong: they aren't rude. They appreciate it and even say, "Thank you, Sir!"

They were not taught how to choose one over the other: what we call "making good decisions." Their "motivators" have been replaced with emotional exhaustion, mental boredom, and childish distraction.

They got too much too early.

The SOAR Idea

As a pilot, the weather doesn't always allow you a clear visual and you have to learn to "fly by your instruments." The idea came to me to create a short course for boys about nine character "instruments" that are invaluable for navigating a successful life.

After sharing the idea with my publisher and videoing the course, he suggested that this is probably information that parents would appreciate to better help their boys turn into responsible young men. 

But what happens when your instruments go out? That happened to me once. Click the button below & learn what I did.


What You Get

SOAR: Pioneer Secrets of Raising a Boy to Manhood is a parenting course that you can take at your own pace. It comes with the following features:

  • Course Outline Overview
  • 9 Video Modules
  • 9 Downloadable Outlines
  • 9 Parental Challenges
  • The General's Reading List
  • Lesson Plans (Bonus)

SOAR Parent Guide

A 40-page parenting manual to assist you while implementing the parenting principles taught in the course "Boot Camp with the General."


LITTLE HOUSE American Dust Bowl Unit Study

A homeschool unit study program designed for students age 5th through 7th.